Pariisi orkestri koor

The Orchestre de Paris Chorus Performs Tormis's "Forgotten Peoples" Choral Cylce in Tartu

Finno-Ugric Days, held on June 14-15, are dedicated to the Finno-Ugric tribal peoples who have been forgotten due to political conflicts. The event will culminate with Veljo Tormis's cycle "Forgotten Peoples" performance by the Paris Orchestra Choir, conducted by Ingrid Mänd, at the Estonian National Museum.

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Loic Pierre

Loïc Pierre of Mikrokosmos Chamber Choir Presents The Saga of the People Without Armor

Loïc Pierre, the artistic director of Mikrokosmos Chamber Choir from France, discusses his project centered around the work of Veljo Tormis.

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Celia Roose

Veljo Tormis' Songfest at the Estonian House in New York

On April 6, Veljo Tormis' songfest was held in the Estonian House New York as part of the Estonian Cultural Days with approximately 75 individuals in attendance at the regilaul workshop. The large choir was conducted by music teacher and singer Celia Roose from Võru county, recognized as the heir to the mantle of composer Veljo Tormis.

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Mimi Daitz NY

American Musicologist Mimi S. Daitz Introduces Tormis's Music

Mimi S. Daitz, a musicologist living in New York, USA, has been researching Veljo Tormis's work since the 90s. The choral music expert has taken it to heart to introduce the Estonian composer.

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Singing Contest Celebrating Veljo Tormis's 95th Anniversary!

Choirs, ensembles, and vocalists from across the globe are welcome to unite with the choir community and honor the artistic legacy of Veljo Tormis by sharing video performances of Tormis's songs.

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EFK Muziekgebouw

Concert Review: "Kreek and Tormis" - A Triumph for Estonian Choral Music in the Netherlands

The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir takes the stage at the most prestigious Dutch concert halls for a five-day tour.

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EFK Hollandituur

The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir's Concert Tour in the Netherlands Begins

Conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir (EPCC) presents a repertoire of a cappella compositions by Veljo Tormis and Cyrillus Kreek. This concert tour will occur at prestigious venues across the Netherlands from March 19th to March 23rd, 2024.

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Tõnu Tormis foto

New York Audience Set to Explore Authentic Regilaul as Used by Veljo Tormis

The rich musical legacy of the celebrated Estonian composer Veljo Tormis will be brought to life in New York City as part of the Estonian Cultural Days program this April.

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Vox Populi jaapanis Fridolin

Conductor Janne Fridolin Reflects On Vox Populi's Concert Tour in Japan

The mixed choir Vox Populi recently gave three concert performances in Japan. Hereby choir's conductor, Janne Fridolin, shares some thoughts about the tour.

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Sakala meeskoor

Conversation with Liisi Toomsalu, Conductor of the Sakala Men's Choir

On January 20, the Sakala male choir performed the cycle "Men's Songs" written by young Veljo Tormis. The folk dance ensemble RU LE ME showcased their performance between the songs. The concert was conducted by Liisi Toomsalu and Henri Roht. In this interview, Eva Karo talked to choir leader Liisi Toomsalu.

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olev oja raamat

Olev Oja's Biography Book

On December 16, the biography book "Olev Oja's life moments in pictures" was presented at the Theater and Music Museum. The successful and varied presentation was moderated by author Age Raa.

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tiia ester loitme vestlusring

Tiia-Ester Loitme 90

A conversation evening was held on December 14 in the Süda hall of the Theater and Music Museum. The focus was the maestra herself.

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Ingrid Roose Mänd

Thousands of Voices Raised In Song: Choral Traditions at Tartu 2024

Renowned classical music journalist Stephen Pritchard interviewed conductor Ingrid Mänd (Roose) published in Bachtrack, as of December 5, 2023.

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Intervjuu Mikk Üleoja

Pre-Concert Conversation With Mikk Üleoja

Eva Karo conducted an interview with conductor Mikk Üleoja prior to the Estonian National Male Choir concert titled "Some Other Paradise." The performances were held at the Pärnu Concert Hall and Estonia Concert Hall on November 17 and 18, 2023.

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Wasser Foto: © Johannes Nobis

Autumn Landscapes Part of German Sound Installation-Concert “WASSER”

Tormis's cycle was performed as part of an exciting performance at the water station in Alpirsbach, Germany.

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Eva Karo

Eva Karo Starts Working at the Veljo Tormis Virtual Center

Hailing from Kuusalu, Eva Karo is dedicated to ensuring the dignified collection, organization, and preservation of this crucial aspect of Estonian music. While significant progress has been made, there is still much work ahead.

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Alyona Movko Mägi

Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris Will Perform in Estonia This Summer!

Veljo Tormis' choral cycle "Forgotten Peoples" will be performed by Chœur de l’Orchestre de Paris in Tartu.

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Vox Populi Jaapanis

Mixed Choir Vox Populi Gave Three Concerts in Japan

The concert dedicated to the 90th birthday of Veljo Tormis "Waking the Birds" finally reached Japan.

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Lindude äratamine plaadiesitlus

The Finno-Ugric Mystery "Awakening the Birds" to be Performed Prior the Day of the Tribes

The mixed choir Vox Populi and directors Anne Türnpu and Eva Koldits will perform the Finno-Ugric mystery "Awakening the Birds", which premiered on Veljo Tormis's 90th birthday in Kõrveaia, will be performed again on October 17 in the large hall of Viimsi Artium.

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Thorgate Transformed the Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre

Thorgate improved the Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre website, transforming its initial site into a cleaner and more effective page.

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ECM Releases a New Veljo Tormis Album

German record label ECM has released “Reminiscentiae” (Reminiscences), a new album of the late composer Veljo Tormis’ work, recorded by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Tõnu Kaljuste.

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Tiia Järg

The Tormis Believer Tiia Järg 80!

Tiia Järg, a tireless and outspoken advocate and overseer of Estonian music, celebrated her 80th birthday. Veljo Tormis unquestionably holds a significant place among her foremost concerns.

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Tõnu Kaljuste 70

Three men at the choir camp in Otepää (1999). A student and a teacher. Kaljuste is in the middle of the circle. Tormis quietly thinks about hiding the music sheet in the closet, Pärt thinks to himself whether to come back to Estonia for good.

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Pärt ja Tormis

Pärt Days 2023 Features Pärt & Tormis Concerts Across Estonia

The VHK String Orchestra brings together in one concert program the works of Arvo Pärt and his teacher Veljo Tormis from the Tallinn Music School.

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Lindude äratamine

Vox Populi's Concert Performance "Awakening Of The Birds" Goes To Japan

In October, the Japanese audience will have the opportunity to experience "Awakening of the Birds," a concert performance of the mixed choir Vox Populi. This concert piece premiered exactly three years ago on the 90th anniversary of Veljo Tormis, at his birthplace in Kõrveaia. The performance took place at sunrise (5:00 a.m.) as a heartfelt tribute to the composer under the direction of Anne Türnpu and Eva Koldits.

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ECM Records Releases New Album "Reminiscentiae" With Music By Tormis

On the 93rd birthday of Veljo Tormis, ECM Records introduced the brand new album "Reminiscentiae", which will be released in September.

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Veljo Tormis' Music Brought Gold Medal

A total of 324 choirs participated in the World Choir Games in South Korea, and the Kevad Women's Choir from Nõmme won the gold medal.

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veljo tormise stipendium

The Veljo Tormis Foundation 2023 Laureate Is Mariliis Valkonen

This year's laureate of the Veljo Tormise Foundation was announced today at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Composer Mariliis Valkonen was awarded a scholarship and an honorary certificate. Her piece "Life is a flow" / “Elu on voolamine” will be heard in the opening of the joint choirs at the 13th Youth Song Festival.

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laulupidu 2023

Estonian Song Festival Features Tormis' Songs

The XIII Youth Song and Dance Festival "Holy Is The Land" includes several songs composed by Veljo Tormis. His creations have now become an integral part of the song festival tradition.

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basel mannerstimmen

Whitacre Conducting Tormis Brings Together Two Choral Legends

Men's Choir Männerstimmen Basel and Grammy Award-winning American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre recorded Veljo Tormis's piece "Singer" in the Stadtcasino concert hall.

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2. Raua needmine (6. mai 1973)

Half a century of “Curse Upon Iron”

It has been 50 years since the premiere of one of Veljo Tormis's masterpieces “Curse Upon Iron”. The event took place on May 6, 1973 in Tartu, at a concert “Folk Music in Veljo Tormis's Works”, where the performer was Tallinn Chamber Choir under the direction of Arvo Ratassepp.

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mimi daitz

Mimi Daitz's Book Presentation In Tartu

On Saturday, April 15 at 17:00, Mimi Daitz's book presentation discussion will take place in Tartu as part of the Tartu Day of the Estonian Society of Music Studies. Jaan Ross will have a virtual conversation with the author.

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Olev Oja Tormis

In Memoriam: Olev Oja

Sad news. Olev Oja, who premiered more than 40 works by Veljo Tormis in the 60s and 70s, has passed away. They had a good connection.

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Koit Soasepp and Mati Turi Received Estonian Theatre Annual Awards

Koit Soasepp and Mati Turi received the annual prize of the Estonian Theater Awards for their performance in Veljo Tormis and Rasmus Puur's opera "Lalli, or a man in the middle of the sea".

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A new edition of Mimi S. Daitz's book has been published

"Ancient Song Recovered: The Life And Music Of Veljo Tormis"

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Marion Selgall

"Women's Ballads" Premiere

On February 3, the premiere of "Women's Ballads" with a dedication to Veljo Tormis's cantata-ballet "Estonian Ballads". Musicians and dancers together embarked on an electronic, chamber and improvisational journey along the paths of dark Estonian regula songs set with the might of Tormis.

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Roose I

Ingrid Roose Conducts Veljo Tormis' "Forgotten Peoples" in Paris

On March 14, conductor Ingrid Roose brings Veljo Tormis' “Forgotten Peoples” to the Paris Philharmonic concert hall.

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Ulvi Rand

The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society Established in Kuusalu 25 Years Ago

The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society's 25th birthday concert was held in December at Kuusalu church with the Kolga-Kuusalu choir and youth choir.

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New Album Release With Tormis' Music

VHK String Orchestra released an album featuring Tormis' compositions. Photo: Kirill Gvozdev

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Janne Fridolin

Janne Fridolin On How Admiration Arose For Tormis' Compositions

Conductor Janne Fridolin gave an interview on Vikerraadio explaining how her admiration for traditional Finno-Ugric culture and the work of Veljo Tormis arose.

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Lea Tormis

Oidsalu's Interview With Lea Tormis

Postimees published a recent interview with theater researcher and critic Lea Tormis.

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Stout Choirs

Stout Choirs Present "To Freedom" (YouTube Premiere)

Join us in watching the concert recording of "To Freedom: Choral Music from Ukraine, Poland, and Estonia"!

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UW-Stout Symphonic Singers

Tormis' Music Performed at "To Freedom" Concert in New York

UW-Stout choirs join to sing Estonian, Ukrainian, and Polish songs on December 3 at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in New York.

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Estonian Cultural Foundation in Tallinn Town Hall, 20.12.1990.

Add Your Concerts In The Events Calendar!

It is now possible to add upcoming concerts to the events calendar.

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Rasmus Puur. Foto: Birgitta festival

Tormis' opera "Lalli" finished by Rasmus Puur premieres at Birgitta festival

This year, the Birgitta Festival will open with an opera started by Veljo Tormis in 1989 and completed by Rasmus Puur in 2022 at the request of Tõnu Kaljuste and Nargenfestival. Concert info and tickets are [HERE](

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logo post

Logo Contest Exhibition

Prior to the first opening of the Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre in 2020, the Veljo Tormis Cultural Society organized a logo competition to find a modern visual identity for the Virtual Center. A total of 63 works were submitted to the contest and the jury selected the artist Margus Tõnnov's logo design. The logo is based on a fragment of a visual soundtrack and, according to the jury, is powerful and minimalist. The members of the jury were Martin Aadamsoo (Digikultuur), the Veljo Tormis Cultural Center's Advisory Board, family members of the composer, and specialists in the field Atko Januson, Helene Vetik, and Marko Kekišev. See the logo contest exhibition [HERE](

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Foto autor: Rene Jakobson

Nargenfestival: Tormis 91

Veljo Tormis's 91st anniversary was dedicated to his work from 1967. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir started the 40th birthday season at the "Tormise tuules" festival on August 7 in Tallinn and August 8 in Viljandi. The concert programme included fine sub-cycles of "Estonian Calendar Songs". Photo by Rene Jakobson

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Foto: Tõnu Tormis

In Memoriam: Jaan Kaplinski

Jaan Kaplinski (22.01.1941 – 08.08.2021)

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Foto: Klassikaraadio

Klassikaraadio interview with Ulvi Rand (in Estonian)

Ulvi Rand, Managing Director of the Veljo Tormise Virtual Center, visited the Klassikararadio studio to talk about the archiving of Tormis' creative heritage, the Tormis exhibition at the Kuusalu Community Center and the events of the composer's 91st birthday at Kõrveaia. Listen to the interview [HERE](

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