Tiia-Ester Loitme 90

15 Dec 2023

tiia ester loitme vestlusring

The legendary choir conductor Tiia-Ester Loitme is known for her extraordinary charisma, colorful personality and unwavering determination.

Tiia's piano teacher Erika Franz, Ellerhein's founder Heino Kaljuste, music pedagogues Gustav Ernesaks and Heino Rannap were remembered with kind words and rich details. Several other key individuals who accompanied her on her musical path were brought up in conversation. Also in previous interviews, Loitme has emphasized Veljo Tormis as a very important influence on her life path. Veljo Tormis was simultaneously a guide, a friend, a composer and a like-minded person. The 29-part "Vanavanemate viisivakk" was born in collaboration between the two of them, mainly due to the lack of suitable repertoire for children's choirs at the time. Tiia has described Tormis's works as magical, harmonious mysteries and mysterious.

Ellerhein's high level of success can certainly be considered Tiia's life's work. For 23 years in the role of chief conductor, she has taken the choir to many concert venues and to several victories. In addition to countless performances at home in Estonia, they have also reached the stages of Bulgaria, Finland, Canada, Australia and Japan. Former Ellerhein singers mentioned that Tiia has been like a spiritual mother to many young ladies in the choir world, having some invisible power, connecting and uniting people.

In addition to the lively conversation at the event, we could enjoy Tiia's performances on the piano, and a wonderful surprise concert was given by soprano Marta Paklar, who graduated from the Ellerheina choir, and organist Kadri Toomoja. The evening ended with the fun "Kringlimarss" typical of Tiia.

Tiia-Ester Loitme's 90th birthday is approaching on December 19. Her legacy shines brightly through the harmonious notes of Ellerhein and the countless lives she has touched in the world of music.

Photo: Vahur Lõhmus