Mixed Choir Vox Populi Gave Three Concerts in Japan

31 Oct 2023

Vox Populi Jaapanis

The concert production "Birds Awakening," dedicated to Veljo Tormis's 90th birthday and the Finnish-Ugric mystery, has finally delighted the Japanese audience after four years of preparation. The culmination took place with three unique concert performances at the Upopois Ainu Museum, Sendai Concert Hall, and Tokyo Edogawa-ku Cultural Center, evoking strong emotions and receiving positive feedback from the local Japanese audience.

Aside from the concerts, conductor Janne Fridolin, along with directors Eva Koldits and Anne Türnpu, conducted workshops with local choirs to acquaint them with Veljo Tormis's music. Two local choirs also played a part in the production.

The choir had the privilege of meeting the sole representative in Upopoi and extending a warm welcome to the local Estonian community in Tokyo, as well as the Estonian ambassador to Japan.

This entire concert tour was made possible through collaboration with the Japan-Estonia Friendship Association, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Cultural Endowement of Estonia, Tribal Peoples Program (Hõimurahvaste programm), and Viimsi municipality.

Hiroko Saito, a professor and choir conductor at the Sendai Academy of Music, described the performance as a valuable experience, feeling that a connection with their cultural heritage had been rekindled.