Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre - Opening soon
taustapilt Tormis ja meri


Let’s build The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre together!

We welcome Tormis related finds, memories, dedications, discoveries, moments from everyone.

  • historical concert programs and tickets, special photos, video links, memorable stories and dedications etc.)
  • Videos dedications to Veljo Tormis – song greetings, birthday wishes or thoughts and statements

    Please send the findings and the video recordings to e-mail address: Don't forget to mention your name or the choir name.


We collect the following information:

  • Video links of V. Tormis music performances (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)
  • Printed material in digital form: concert programmes, booklets, leaflets, programme notes etc. (hi-res if possible)
  • Artwork of LPs, CDs, MCs (front & back, disc & booklet)
  • web links: articles, interviews, reviews connected to V. Tormis
  • special photographs 

Anything else you would like to share?