Estonian Song Festival Features Tormis' Songs

30 Jun 2023

laulupidu 2023

Pärt Uusberg, the artistic director of the song festival, has derived a reflection of the spiritual space based on one poem. He has arranged the beautiful words of Hando Runnel as a revelatory image formed into a musical collection. The opening words of the poem "Holy is the land..." have become a shining slogan, under which "...pledges can be sung".

One could not imagine an event with such content without the songs of Veljo Tormis. Over the decades, several generations of choir singers and listeners have excitedly relived a similar feeling while singing Tormist.

The following Veljo Tormis' repertoire will be heard on 02.07.2023 at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds:

The boys' choirs under the direction of Indrek Vijard sing the piece "Kodukeel" composed by Hans Georg Nägel, which was arranged by Veljo Tormis in 1988, when he composed the "Granparents' Chest of Tunes" for Ellerhein.

Young men's choirs perform the text from the Kanteletar song collection ‟Väinämöise tarkusvött", which was translated into Estonian by August Annist. Tormis composed the piece in 1984 and the premiere was performed by RAM.

The girls' choirs sing three swing songs from the series "Estonian Calendar Songs" created in the 1960s: "Kitsas kiik" (Muhu), "Meri kiige all" (Rõngu) and "Õunapuu" (Koeru).

In the performance of the mixed choirs, ‟Rumours Are Flying” is sung to the text of the folk song, which has been adapted and set by Ülo Tedre.