Whitacre Conducting Tormis Brings Together Two Choral Legends

13 Jun 2023

basel mannerstimmen

The well-known Swiss male choir Männerstimmen Basel and Grammy Award-winning American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre recorded Veljo Tormis's "Singer" in the Stadtcasino concert hall. The premiere of the recording takes place on June 13 at 8 pm (GMT +3) on YouTube.

Eric Whitacre composed a new work for men's chorus (his first ever!) as a commission by Männerstimmen Basel along with the choir master David Rossel. As there are just a few men's chorus arrangements of some of Whitacre's most popular works (Lux aurumque, Seal Lullaby), the choir included a piece by Tormis, which they dearly love to sing. For that purpose, the powerful "Laulja" as a perfect choice, and Whitacre loved to conduct it. Although Whitacre is familiar with the work of Veljo Tormis, this was his first time directing Tormis. Thus, it's a fantastic combination, Whitacre conducting Tormis and bringing together two legends of choral music