Pärt Days 2023 Features Pärt & Tormis Concerts Across Estonia

23 Aug 2023

Pärt ja Tormis

The VHK String Orchestra brings together in one concert program the works of Arvo Pärt and his teacher Veljo Tormis from the Tallinn Music School.

Rasmus Puur: "I don't remember ever hearing a program that intertwines the music of Arvo Pärt and Veljo Tormis, so it seems fascinating what connections and similarities-differences can be found there. And let's not forget that in addition to the companionship of generations, it is also - albeit short-term, but however - with the teacher and the student.".

The concerts "PÄRT & TORMIS" will take place:
02.09 at 6 p.m. in Kuressaare Laurentius Church
03.09 at 6 p.m. in Kärdla Church
04.09 at 7 p.m. in St. Jacob's Church in Viims
06.09 at 6 pm in the Rapla church
07.09 at 6 p.m. in Paide, the birthplace of Arvo Pärt, in Paide church.

Arvo Pärt
- Cantus Benjamin in the memory of Britten
- Fratres (soloist Hans Christian Aavik)
- Silouan's Song
- Estländler (soloist Hans Christian Aavik)
- Für Lennart in memoriam

Veljo Tormis
- Curse Upon Iron (soloist Hans Christian Aavik)
- Soundlessly Somewhere Murmerings Homeward
- Incantatio maris aestuosi (Tormise mere loits)
- Sinikka's Song (soloist Hans Christian Aavik)

Tõnu Kaljuste, artistic director of Nargenfestival: "an important starting point in the work of both composers has been the word - a word that can be the initial impulse of the work, but still not be heard in the work. Yet, these works share a strong commonality and spirituality with their original texts. Both Pärt's and Tormis's music have been presented in the Nargenfestival, but they have rarely sounded together in the same program. Hans Christian Aavik, the winner of one of the world's most prestigious and important Carl Nielsen international violinist competitions, will perform at the concerts. Have a beautiful Pärt Days!"

Info and tickets: PILETILEVI.

Photo: Tõnu Tormis