"Women's Ballads" Premiere

26 Feb 2023

Marion Selgall

"Women's Ballads" is inspired by and dedicated to and Veljo Tormis' cantata-ballet "Estonian Ballads". Musicians and singers embark together on an electronic, chamber and improvisational journey along the paths of dark Estonian regi songs set with the power of Tormis.

"Women's ballads" are the stories of the women of "Estonian ballads". Gloomy stories that, unfortunately, that are still relevant today. From forcibly taking the mouth and hand (from which in ancient times the knife that they wore on their belt saved the maidens for self-defense), from abandoning the child and accepting them as her own again, from killing a man in order to once again save herself from an unwanted male being next to her.

We can only hope that the telling of these stories will contribute to the fact that we ourselves and no one around us have to suffer, just as the words "The wind comes, gives grace, shines the day, caresses the head" echo at the end of the epilogue of "Estonian Ballads". – Marion Selgall

Marion Selgall (vocals, dulcimer), Helen Allikvee (vocals), Mareta Pedak (vocals), Karl Korts (electronics), Gonzalo Leonardo Muruaga Olguin (guitar), Enrik Visla (violin), Heliä Mailiis Viirakivi (flute), Katia Skylar ( movement, CPPM), Indrek Põldver (movement, Free Flow Studio), Anna Aizsilniece (costume designer,, Grete-Anete Ormus (make-up artist), Elle-Riin Volmer (video artist).

Trailer: HERE.
Premiere recording: HERE.