Thorgate Transformed the Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre

14 Sep 2023


The collaboration between Thorgate and Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre marks a significant step towards revitalising the centre's online presence. As a result, the archive of albums and works was made public, and it was possible to keep records of performances, performers, events and recordings. The most notable changes were the events calendar addition to help people be informed about upcoming concerts where Veljo Tormis’ music is performed, organising sponsors page to make it more understandable, and updating the contact information page. During the collaboration years, Thorgate has gradually generalised the code to ensure the project is sustainable and grows further. Throughout the collaboration, Thorgate undertook comprehensive efforts to optimise the technical infrastructure and the codebase, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient system overall. By infusing new technologies and design paradigms while preserving the essence of the Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre, the collaborative efforts between Thorgate and the centre create a more user-friendly and functional platform for staff and visitors alike.

The Thorgate and Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre collaboration has successfully revamped the centre's online presence. By combining cutting-edge technologies and design principles, we have created a user-friendly platform with improved functionality for staff and visitors. Thorgate's optimisation of the technical infrastructure and underlying code has resulted in a more polished and efficient overall system. The partnership produced a comprehensive, scalable, adaptable public archive primed for future growth and expansion.

“We are very pleased that we have found such a good and professional partner like Thorgate to help us in every way within our conditions and possibilities. Karl Õkva is great - welcomed us, helped us out of trouble and is enthusiastic about Tormis himself.” - Iti Teder, Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre Project Manager.

Source: Thorgate Insights & News