The Tormis Believer Tiia Järg 80!

29 Aug 2023

Tiia Järg

Tiia Järg, a tireless and outspoken advocate and overseer of Estonian music, celebrated her 80th birthday. Veljo Tormis unquestionably holds a significant place among her foremost concerns.

In thorough and passionately written articles about the music of Cyrillus Kreek, Järg repeatedly confirmed that Tormis emphasizes - I am a believer in Kreek. The issue here is primarily the attitude towards folk music and the question of how the composer positions himself in relation to it.

It seems that Järg herself has converted to Tormise faith while studying music for decades and bringing out the brightest moments.

Veljo Tormist and his music have been covered by Tiia Järg in many articles and radio shows. Järg has repeatedly interpreted and studied the saying, which is considered the motto of Tormis's work, that Veljo Tormis does not use folk music, but folk music uses him.

‟Creation is the only justification of an artist's life. If we value the act of creating, then the birth of something new becomes equally significant."

(Tiia Järg. ‟Some fragments that probably didn't bring happiness, but neither did they bring disaster'', Teater.Muusika.Kino 2000-08)

When Järg writes or talks about music, she appreciates the accuracy of facts and a logically organized line. Things must be in order. The meaning should be understandable, the connections clear and the emphasis appropriately positioned.

It has a strong effect. More of the communicated message reaches its intended target, and the concept persists in preserving it.

‟A music lover should seriously ask themselves what Tormis's compositions have offered or signify to them. Probably different for everyone. Recall your first impression of Tormis's music. Do you remember your attitude to choral singing before ‟The Songs of Hamlet” or ‟The Ballad of Mary's Land”? Your attitude to the folk song before the "Estonian Calendar Songs" or the "Livonian Heritage"? Both ourselves and our perspective have experienced transformation due to Tormis's works. We have learned to percieve wildflowers as objects of beauty."

(Tiia Järg. Kalev's Sons and Chroniclers / ‟Kalevipojad ja kroonikakirjutajad”, Eesti Päevaleht 1995-09-16)

The sound can be loud. Words have power. Best wishes for luck and well-being in the times ahead, Tiia Järg!

Photo © Tõnu Tormis