Veljo Tormis' discography began in his student years, with the record "The Song of the Yachtsmen" published in the early 1950s. Over the years, there have been an astonishing number of records with his music, and the geographical origin of the performers is very wide, extending to all continents.

Over the decades of its creation, the composer's discography has passed through all of the technological developments: the vinyl-era boom of long-playing albums, the convenience of audio cassettes, the CD revolution, the advent of high-resolution audio and digital music streaming.

There is a kind of phenomenon in the scope of Veljo Tormis' work, which has been documented by these numerous recordings. Various levels of performers have preserved passionate performances of his music on their records. These range from amateur village choirs and school ensembles to top musicians at the highest professional level. For example, the most popular works "Curse of Iron" and "Autumn Landscapes" can be found on close to 50 recordings.

There are also followers of Tormis' work outside of conventional choral culture and the classical music sphere.

This music lives on in the voices of the performers, and every new year brings additions to Veljo Tormis' discography.