Svanholm Singers

Works for Men's Voices

2007 CD United Kingdom

'The trumpeting voices of these twenty singers combine in a shining and powerful male choir under the energetic direction of their charming young conductor Sofia Söderberg Eberhard. This CD presents the result of this happy endeavour.' (Veljo Tormis)


Sofia Söderberg Eberhard


Toccata Classics (TOCC 0073)

Recorded in Lomma kyrka, Lomma, Skåne, 9–11 October and 6 and 8 November 2006
Recording and editing: Andreas Nilsson

Bukletis autorist ja tema teostest inglise, saksa, prantsuse keeles ja laulutekstid ja tõlked
Veljo Tormise saatetekst
Esitus eesti ja ladina keeles
Buklett 39 lk.

Executive producer: Martin Anderson
Texts: Folke Bohlin, Veljo Tormis
English translation: Harri Mürk (text by Veljo Tormis)
German translation: Jürgen Schaarwächter
French translation: Baudime Jam
Design and lay-out: Paul Brooks, Design & Print – Oxford
Cover photographs courtesy of Triinu Ojamaa (Tormis portrait) and the Svanholm Singers, and
Tormis (p. 6) of Lars Seger.

1. An Aboriginal Song
Veljo Tormis
Veljo Tormis (shaman drum)
ISRC: GBJZY0700090
2. Double Dedication: I'd Like to Sing a Song
3. Double Dedication: Stars
Veljo Tormis, Marie Under
ISRC: GBJZY0700092
4. Crosswind
Veljo Tormis, Henrik Visnapuu
ISRC: GBJZY0700093
5. Our Shadows (Once We Will Reappear)
Veljo Tormis, Jaan Kaplinski
ISRC: GBJZY0700094
6. Forging the Sampo
Veljo Tormis, Kalevala
Stefan Engström (log drums)
ISRC: GBJZY0700095
7. The Bishop and the Pagan
Esimese salmi sõnad De sancto Henrico sequentia seadnud Tuomo Pekkanen
Teise salmi sõnad: soome runolaul seadnud Sakari Puurunen
Stefan Engström (counter tenor), Emil Johannisson (tenor), Staffan Lindberg (tenor)
ISRC: GBJZY0700096
8. Incantation for a Stormy Sea
Veljo Tormis, Kalevala (tõlkinud Tuomo Pekkanen)
ISRC: GBJZY0700097
9. Men's Songs: No. 1, Men's Song
Veljo Tormis, Paul-Eerik Rummo
ISRC: GBJZY0700098
10. Men's Songs: No. 2, Bundling Song
Veljo Tormis, Paul-Eerik Rummo
ISRC: GBJZY0700099
11. Men's Songs: No. 3, Betrothal Visit Song
Veljo Tormis, Paul-Eerik Rummo
Johan Sternby (bass), Martin Stervander (whistling)
ISRC: GBJZY0700100
12. Men's Songs: No. 5, Song of the Turkish War
Veljo Tormis, Paul-Eerik Rummo
Johannes Midgren (tenor)
ISRC: GBJZY0700101
13. Men's Songs: No. 7, Serf's Song
Veljo Tormis, Paul-Eerik Rummo
ISRC: GBJZY0700102
14. Men's Songs: No. 8, Dancing Song
Veljo Tormis, Paul-Eerik Rummo
Emil Johannisson (tenor), Erik Emilsson (bass)
ISRC: GBJZY0700103
15. Curse Upon Iron
Veljo Tormis, Kalevala motiividel August Annist, Paul-Eerik Rummo, Jaan Kaplinski
Staffan Lindberg (tenor), Emil Johannisson (tenor), Erik Emilsson (bass), Veljo Tormis (shaman drum)
ISRC: GBJZY0700104

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