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The Story of One Family. Quiet Place

18:00 | Sunday, 16. October 2022

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Chamber Choir Encore and Dance Ensemble Kuljus will tell the story of a family. Beautiful music illustrates growing up, learning about the world, falling in love and getting married. The concert culminates with the "Curse Upon Iron" by Veljo Tormis.

The choir conductor Karin Tuul says that the final piece of the concert symbolizes the fragility and unpredictability of life, which thousands of families have had to deal with this year. "The lyrics "ohoi sinda, rauda raiska" sound particularly powerful in the context of the Ukrainian war. This work allows both the performers and the audience to live out their inner angst," explains Tuul.

Tuul adds that it is all the more appropriate to sing "Curse Upon Iron" because this year exactly half a century passed since the work was written.

Jüri-Martin Lepp (baritone) and Rainis Loit (tenor) of the chamber choir Encore will perform as soloists.



Encore Chamber Choir
TTU Dance Ensemble Kuljus Homage to Veljo Tormis