Children Chorus Onkilahti

Suomalais-ugrilaisia maisemia / Finno-Ugric Landscapes

1995 MC Finland


Ritva Käräjämäki

György Kádár


Onkilahden musiikkiluokat

16. Why Did You Bring Me Up
17. Girls of Vjatka
18. Freezing Point
19. The Bee, Our Bird
20. Let''s Begin, Let''s Dare
21. Sing Partridge
22. I Heard It Trough The Grapewine
23. Is the Old Bugger There?
24. I Feel Like It
25. The Bride''s Farewell
26. Väinämöinen
27. Why Sad, Dark Wood
28. You Wish to Pick Berries?
29. At the Head of the Field
30. Frying Bread
31. Sonf of the Lazybones
32. Teasing
33. The Wolf and the Mosquitos
34. Don''t Got