Viking Chorus & Manitou Singers

Viking Chorus & Manitou Singers

2012 CD United States of America


Michael Hanawalt

Sigrid Johnson


Pacific Rim Sound

1. Come, All Musicians, Come
Hans Leo Hassler (ed. Jerry Wesley Harris)
2. Frostiania. Choose Something Like A Star
Randall Thompson
3. Wynken, Blynken, And Nod
Joan Szymko
4. Flying
Rachel DeVore Fogarty
5. There''s A Meetin'' Here Tonight
Traditional (African-American spiritual
Arr. Cantus
6. O sacrum convivium
Tomás Luis de Victoria
7. Songs Of The Sea: op. 91. Homeward Bound ; The Old Superb
Charles Villiers Stanford
8. Illumina le tenebre
Joan Szymko
9. Deepest Heart
David N. Childs
10. Ave Maria
Gustav Holst
11. In The Sweet By And By
Joseph P. Webster
Arr. Daniel J. Hall
12. Hold On!
Traditional (Spiritual)
Arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
13. Pärismaalase lauluke
Veljo Tormis
14. Loch Lomond
Traditional (Scottish)
Arr. Michael Hanawalt
15. Pirate Song
Tim Y. Jones
16. One By One (from Rhythm of the Pridelands)
Lebo M
Arr. John Leavitt